Yesterday’s past turns into Today’s present which turns into Tomorrow’s future. A historical monument stands strong through this test of time and lets us have a peek into a brief moment in our grand history & heritage. It is such a beautiful gift to rejoice & to pass it on to our future generations.” – Author

What’s your summertime favorite? When in France, getting sun-tanned on the beaches of South of France is on everyone’s mind. But how about a French baroque-style evening instead? The estate of Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte hosts soirées aux chandelles (candlelit evenings) during the summer transforming the place into a fairytale of baroque times. What a memorable summer souvenir !

Situated 50 Kms SouthEast of Paris in MaincyVaux-le-Vicomte is more than just a visit. You would not only see the genius art of French landscape-gardener André Le Nôtre, but also the hidden surprises in the estate – a stroll in the estate with different perspectives, a walk through history in the castle, climbing up the castle tower for a breathtaking view, dinner at Les Charmilles, you coud relax in the gardens with a glass of champagne & macarons listening to baroque music or even better embark upon an adventure exploring the underground river Styx. And most important of all, a summer evening in the candlelit Vaux-le-Vicomte.

Don’t believe me? Have a look !

Grandma ! The château !
La Salle des muses (Muse’s room) showcases the baroque decorations in its entirety
Le Cabinet des jeux (Game’s corner)
The chair-triology
La Chambre du roi (King’s bedroom)
La Bibliothéque (Library)
La Bibliothéque (Library)
Dessert anyone?
A scene of typical French kitchen
Grandpa, Can we see the gardens now?
Elsa, did you find the Hercules on the hill top?
Picnic time at Vaux-le-Vicomte !
Time to go back to the château ! Do you think candles must have been lit by now?
Dinner is ready at Les Charmilles !
Eh voilà ! Everyone is here just in time for the fireworks
Before we go back home to catch a beautiful dream… That was a wonderful candlelit evening !
Vaux-le-Vicomte website
10 reasons to visit Vaux-le-vicomte here

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